Showcase Properties of Central Florida

A Florida-licensed REALTOR® with Showcase Properties of Central Florida since 2005 and the current Owner and Broker, Valerie Dailey specializes in the listing and selling of equine properties, as well as residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. Being a part of the sales of the three highest selling properties in Marion County’s recent years, Valerie’s expertise in real estate and leadership of her agents continues to inspire and bring Showcase to the forefront of the local real estate industry.

“If we don’t take care of our environment and protect our green spaces, we’re only contributing to our own spiral, narrowing our world and limiting our choices. Bad decisions can affect sustainability for generations to come; it may not happen in our lifetimes, but it might in our children’s and grandchildren’s. That’s not the legacy I want to leave behind. So it’s important that we talk about ways we can protect and create green spaces, and actively support structured growth. Equestrian culture is so deeply woven into the collective DNA of the area. It’s a collegial, collaborative and inclusive community that is very invested in efficient land use and sustainability. Marion County is known for being a place of incredible natural beauty, with plenty of parks and recreational areas to hike and ride and explore. It’s a wonderful place to live and work.”

Valerie Dailey, Showcase Properties of Central Florida