The Position Process

When Horse Farms Forever (HFF) takes a position on a matter, a lot of work is done first. In our watchdog role, if a development is proposed that affects horse farms in the rural area and especially in the Farmland Preservation Area, the HFF staff gathers the facts, attends the meetings, asks questions of the county staff and the developer, confers with the professional counselors that support us, then prepares a draft position paper for our Board of Directors. Our nine directors then study the position paper and supporting documents and a meeting is held to review the recommendation of the HFF staff. The Board then takes a formal vote to establish our position on the matter. The HFF staff then posts that position on our website and uses social media and email to communicate it.

The key question for us is … does this request align with our mission?

The first part of our mission statement reads:

It is the mission of Horse Farms Forever to inspire conservation of horse farms through education, awareness and idea exchange so as to preserve natural pasture land focusing on horses and their habitats

The second part of our mission statement states:

It is the mission of Horse Farms Forever to protect soil and water on which horse farms depend

The third part of our mission statement states:

It is the mission of Horse Farms Forever to minimize land use conflicts in Marion County, Florida.

In all matters, the HFF staff and directors work hard to be professional and stay true to the mission of education, awareness and idea exchange. When others disagree with our position on a matter, we are always respectful of their opinion.

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