From the soil to the springs to the sheltering oaks,
Marion County, Florida, is horse country.

A city has risen here,
resting on broad backs and propelled by hoofbeats.

Open spaces and beautiful places
are the hallmark of greater Ocala.

Horse Farms Forever is dedicated to preserving the character and culture that makes us the Horse Capital of the World®.



Preserving Open Spaces & Beautiful Places

November 19 at Golden Ocala

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Horse Farms Forever is a compact and powerful nonprofit,
founded in 2018 to:


Marion County’s Farmland Preservation Area was established in 2005. Its mineral-rich soil and water, and spring sheds are subject to increasing development and roadway threats. We participate and defend.


The culture, character and vibrant economy of greater Ocala is uniquely based on the presence of horses and horse farms. We share the facts.


Landowners who love their land and wish to see it passed along to future generations have many options. We show the way.


The blueprint for Rural Land Management is written at the county level and made strong by collaboration and community influence. We facilitate progress.

The Threats Are Real

From new roadways to rezoning. We are here to gather and multiply all of the voices that understand the value of our rural heritage and seek to preserve it forever.


Ocala Horse Properties is Conservation Summit Gold Sponsor

You’ve seen their handsome faces on billboards everywhere: brothers Rob and Chris Desino and Matt Varney – partners in Ocala Horse Properties. Since the founding of HFF in 2018, they have gone to lengths to show their passion for our mission of preserving the character and culture that horses and horse farms bring to Ocala/Marion County. Now, they have stepped up to the plate as Gold Sponsors of our first Conservation Summit. The support of Ocala Horse Properties and the rest of our sponsors ensures that the Summit, to take place on November 19 at Golden Ocala, will be a first-class event.

Live Oak Stud Honored in TOBA National Awards

The Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA) announced Wednesday that they will honor breeders selected from 22 states and Canada during the TOBA National Awards on Sat., Sept. 26.

Brook Ledge Horse Transportation is Title Sponsor of Conservation Summit

As we look forward to our First Conservation Summit in just two short months, we are thrilled to announce Brookledge Horse Transportation as our Title Sponsor. An HFF member since 2018, Brookledge is distinguishing themselves as a family business that cares about Marion County’s horses and horse farms.

Horse Farms Forever Welcomes the Quail Roost Foundation as Supporters

Horse Farms Forever is pleased to announce the generous contribution of the Quail Roost Foundation to support the conservation of Marion County’s horse farms and the Farmland Preservation Area. The Foundation was founded to honor the memory of Harriet and Elmer Heubeck, Jr.

Ocala’s Home Grown Horse Park

One of the first members to get behind our mission was the Florida Horse Park. When you attend events there, look for our banner and signage on the judge’s booths. We are happy to have them as a member of Horse Farms Forever. Now that the Park is revving back up for the final quarter of 2020, it’s a good time to reflect on how this very special resource enriches equine life here in Marion County.

Horse Capital of the World®

Have you ever wondered why Ocala is called the Horse Capital of the World®? Why here, of all places?
Watch for the answers…in the words of some of our prominent owners and trainers. That title is deserved, and the unique qualities of this special place need to be preserved for future generations. Once erased, it can’t be replaced.
Please, share this video far and wide. Respect and protect our open spaces and beautiful places.

Behind the Golden Gates

The World Equestrian Center and Golden Ocala are major enhancements to our equine-powered economy and lifestyle here in Marion County. The Roberts Family, owners of both, were one of our first Founding Members, and recently demonstrated their commitment Horse Farms Forever’s mission by renewing again at the Founder Level. Please join us in thanking the Roberts Family, Golden Ocala, & World Equestrian Center for caring about preserving our open spaces and beautiful places for future generations.

Let’s shine the spotlight on the contributions that these monumental facilities will make to the Horse Capital of the World® as the community anticipates the opening of the World Equestrian Center in 2021.

Meet Our New Founder, Mandy Pope

For over 30 years, Mandy Pope has given the term “girl power” a whole new meaning in the Thoroughbred racing industry as she continuously makes the headlines. From an early age, it was apparent that Mandy would pursue a lifelong love of horses. She bought her first horse, Blue Whisper, as a high-school student at St. Mary’s School in Raleigh. In 1980, her ambition of breeding, selling, training, and racehorses led her to Ocala where she now owns and operates the world-renowned Whisper Hill Farm.

Horse Farms Forever Gains a New Founder

Every new member makes us stronger. We welcome the following new and renewing individuals and businesses who support open spaces and beautiful places.

New & Renewing Members in the Dog Days of Summer

Every new member makes us stronger. We welcome the following new and renewing individuals and businesses who support open spaces and beautiful places.

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