Horse Farms Forever is a compact and powerful nonprofit,
founded in 2018 to:


Marion County’s Farmland Preservation Area was established in 2005. Its mineral-rich soil and water, and spring sheds are subject to increasing development and roadway threats. We participate and defend.


The culture, character and vibrant economy of greater Ocala is uniquely based on the presence of horses and horse farms. We share the facts.


Landowners who love their land and wish to see it passed along to future generations have many options. We show the way.


The blueprint for Rural Land Management is written at the county level and made strong by collaboration and community influence. We facilitate progress.

The Threats Are Real

From new roadways to rezoning. We are here to gather and multiply all of the voices that understand the value of our rural heritage and seek to preserve it forever.


Concerned About Growth? The EAR Needs to Hear From You.

The population is estimated to grow to nearly 500,000 residents by 2040. That’s an increase of about 150,000 new people living and working in Marion County.

You can help plan for this growth! Marion County is updating its policies in the Comprehensive Plan through the Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR). The Comprehensive Plan is like a road map for the community and it will guide where and how Marion County grows over the next 20 years.

Planning for the next 20 years is important and your feedback on how best to manage growth and guide the community’s vision for the future will help keep Marion County an amazing place to live!

Summer Membership Roundup

It’s Summer, and our grass roots are growing deep and strong. We are carried forward by the longstanding commitments of our Board and members – both organizations and individuals. See who has renewed their commitments this quarter, and allow us to introduce you to our newest herd mates.

Horse Farms Forever® Celebrates Six Years

Horse Farms Forever was founded six years ago to unify the community to help stop the proposed toll road, and while the toll road was stopped, the development pressure has only increased. For a traditional 6th anniversary gift, iron is given to symbolize strength. Over the past six years, the commitment to our mission has become even stronger due to the tremendous community support to protect Marion County’s iconic landscapes.

Applications Withdrawn for 500-Vehicle Storage Lot Abutting the Greenway

At the May 21 Marion County Commission zoning hearing, the applications to change the Future Land Use and Zoning and a request for a Special Use Permit to allow for storage of 500 vehicles on 15 acres directly north of the Cross Florida Greenway were withdrawn by the applicant, 1415 Brothers Holdings, LLC.

Greenway Trojan Horse – Updated

Tillman and Associates should have played Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi while they rode their Trojan Horse into the Planning and Zoning meeting this week. Not only are they applying to pave 15-acres of paradise with a 500-vehicle parking lot, but it turns out that companies apparently affiliated with On Top of the World have recently bought two adjacent parcels: the 122-acre pasture across the street and the 12-acre horse farm next door to this subject parcel.

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