The developers want to pave it; we want to save it!

The proposed NW Ocala Beltway maps


Citrus-Marion-Sumter Suncoast Parkway Connection to U.S. 19/98 Including West Ocala Beltway


Florida Main Road

Sunshine State Parkway (SR 589)
Extension to I-10


Proposed Ocala Beltway Route

Original FDOT Coastal Connector Routes


M-Cores Map Designates the Farmland Preservation Area “Off Limits” for Toll Roads

On March 6, 2020 the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) released the M-Cores Avoidance and Enhancement Areas maps for the three proposed toll roads. The Northern Turnpike Avoidance and Enhancement Areas map designates the Marion County Farmland Preservation Area as “Will Not Impact” in hot pink. This is such great news as it means the FDOT acknowledges the Farmland Preservation Area is off limits! The inclusion of the Farmland Preservation Area in the hot pink areas was due to the...

Horse Farms Forever Opposes the proposed West Ocala Beltway

March 2020 About two years after the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) abandoned the proposed Coastal Connector, as documented in a letter sent to the Marion County Commission, it has re-emerged as the West Ocala Beltway. But this time, instead of a proposal by FDOT, John Rudnianyn, a large landowner in Marion County has proposed the road. Mr. Rudnianyn is presenting the maps of a proposed beltway to elected officials and their staff, community leaders and other stakeholders in hopes...