Mary Jane Hunt


Craig Bernick

40 years in Northwest Marion County

“horsefeathers!” is situated on 120 acres of land formerly owned by the Plumley family. The Plumleys used this land in their cattle operation. It was purchased in 2014, so these are the first horses on the land. A barn was built and paddocks were fenced. Surrounding the horse property is 430 acres used for raising Wagyu cattle.

Previously, “horsefeathers!” was located on a different farm in Northwest Marion County. At that location, Mary Jane Hunt operated a boutique style nursery for Thoroughbred mares and foals for more than 35 years.

Mary Jane and her husband Bernie Little are committed to the well-being of all the animals in their care. The focus of “horsefeathers!” is to provide a comfortable retirement for the Thoroughbred mares and teaser ponies that were a part of the former nursery operation. The horse population has a few riding horses and a young off-track Thoroughbred that is being retrained for a second career.