Horse Farms Forever® welcomes Nate Chambers and Commonwealth Standard Holdings as our newest Founder Member. The real estate and private equity firm joins over 70 businesses, horse farms, and individuals that collectively support HFF’s mission to preserve horse farms to ensure that not only are the rolling hills and scenic viewsheds protected, but also to raise awareness about the horse industry’s impact on the economy and its character, which has defined Marion County for over 50 years.

“I joined Horse Farms Forever because of my growing concern about thoughtful growth and development. My firm believes in developing projects that complement the community as well as supporting the protection of property like that in the Farmland Preservation Area,” said Nate Chambers, CEO of Commonwealth Standard Holdings. “It is possible to have both the ambitions of development and the values of conservation.”

The draw of Marion County’s rural charm, the opening of the World Equestrian Center, along with the thriving equine industry, has led many new horse farms and businesses to the area, including Commonwealth Standard Holdings. The equine industry in Marion County represents about one-fifth of the economy and generates over $2.6 Billion dollars every year (2014 study).

“The equine industry is not only personally special to us, it is also the primary economic driver in northwest Marion County,” said Nate. “Thoughtful development is critical or we risk losing what makes this area special.”

Nate and his wife, Dasha are lifelong equestrians and it was their love of horses that brought them together. They also recently welcomed their daughter into their growing family.

“We met at a horse show in Pennsylvania on land protected by a conservation easement,” said Nate. “I grew up riding and Dasha still rides. Hopefully we will see our daughter in the saddle before too long as well!”

HFF welcomes the Chambers family and Commonwealth Standard Holdings to the growing community that supports preserving the character and culture that horses, horse farms, and the horse industry brings to Marion County!

Visit Their Website: https://csholdings.com/