In Horse Farms Forever’s short history, we have been faithfully supported by a core group of Founders. This week, the following Founders chose once again to affirm their commitment to our mission. Here, they share why, in these times, the need for a watchdog organization is even more relevant than it was during the toll road threat of 2018.

Scroll through to read their words…and join us in thanking them!

Tom & Amy Grabe, Canine Chronicle

Founders 2018-2020

“Over the past 20+ years, we have seen Ocala and Marion County change significantly. The city has grown and development in the county has grown along with it. During this time, the Farm Preservation Area has served as a magnet that drew many of our new residents to Marion County. We must protect this unique blend of open spaces and beautiful places for generations to come. It defines Marion County as the Horse Capital of the World.”

Rob Desino, Ocala Horse Properties

Founder 2018-2020

“Thank goodness that Horse Farms Forever is there for us advocating for the protection of horse farms and the Farmland Preservation Area in Ocala. Turning the Farmland Preservation Area into another mass of concrete strip plazas is not necessary and certainly not desirable.”


Paul & Ann Kaplan, Southwind Farm

Founders 2018-2020

“I am so grateful Horse Farms Forever has created a firewall between urban sprawl and the preservation of horse farms in Marion County.
Without horse farms, there are no horses!”

Charlotte Weber, Live Oak Stud

Founder 2018-2020

“The creation of the Farmland Preservation Area was instrumental in preserving our equine industry. Horse Farms Forever is instrumental in this endeavor and I greatly support their vision, community involvement, and goals.”

Mary Jane Hunt, Horsefeathers!

Founder 2018-2020

“Developers are knocking loudly on the doors of government seeking exemptions to violate the Farmland Preservation Area. We have seen two just in the first half of 2020. The developers want to pave it; we want to save it! “

Bernard Little, Misty Lane Cattle Company

Founder 2018-2020

“There’s an old saying, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, then you are on the menu.”  For far too long, the Farmland Preservation Area has been on the menu. Horse Farms Forever now has a seat at the table advocating for the protection of horse farms and the Farmland Protection Area.  Our strength comes through our members.  Please join!”

Kurt & Janet Geisselman, Naked Horse Farm

Charter Members 2019-2020

“We are very disturbed and concerned by the continuing pressure to develop this area. We believe the FPA boundary should be etched in stone. Once it is erased, it can never be replaced.”

Always Watching

We work hard to keep you informed, and to represent our members' interests in preserving our horse farms, farmland and the unique character and culture of Marion County.

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